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How to Make Facebook BM Account Eligible For Verification? Complete Guide 2024


In today’s digital age, establishing trust and credibility for your online business is important, especially on platforms like Facebook. One effective way to improve your Facebook business’s legality and authenticity is by activating the verification button for your Meta Business Manager Account. This guide provides a straightforward method to make your Facebook BM Account Eligible for Verification quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your business stands out with a verified presence on Facebook.

By following these steps, you can transform your Facebook business manager account into a qualified entity for verification, opening a variety of benefits and features that come with a verified status. Let’s go deep into the steps to activate verification and boost your online business’s reputation in the online globe.

How to Make Facebook BM Account Eligible For Verification?

Visit business.facebook.com and navigate to the Business Manager settings. Here, switch to the desired Facebook Business Manager account that you want to verify. After selecting the account, click on the Security Center section and confirm whether your Facebook BM account eligible for verification or ineligible for verification. If it is ineligible, follow the simple steps below to make it eligible for verification.

How to Make Facebook BM Account Eligible For Verification?

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Step 1: Create a New App

The first step in the case, when your Facebook business manager account is ineligible for verification, is to create an app for this purpose. Go to the Meta Business Apps Section. Here, you find an Add button. Tap on it, and then Three options appear in front of you.

  • Connect an app ID.
  • Request access to an app ID.
  • Create a new App ID.

From the given three Options in the Meta Business Apps Section, select the last one Create a new App ID.

Create a New App

After selecting the option Create a new App ID, it will proceed or redirect you to developers.facebook.com. Here, select the last option, Other, and click on the Next button.

Create a New App

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Step 2: Specify App Details

In the second step, specify the details of your app as a list of options appears in front of you. In this step, you have to select the business manager app type from the following choices:

  • Consumer.
  • Business.
  • Instant Games.
  • Gaming.

Select the purpose of your app, such as “Ads Management,” and choose “Business” as the app type. Then, proceed with the selection.

Specify App Details

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Step 3: Name Your App

After selecting the app type, you need to provide details for your Facebook business manager app. This includes entering the app name, app contact email, and business account(optional). Then, tap on the “Create app” button to proceed.

Name Your App

After that, a pop-up will appear requesting your Facebook account password. Enter your Facebook account password in the provided field.

Step 4: Access App Settings and Start Verification

In this step, Go to “App Settings” and choose “Basic” from the dropdown menu. Scroll down until you find “Business Manager Verification,” then click on “Start Verification.” This action instantly generates your Business Manager Account eligible for verification.

Access App Settings and Start Verification

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Step 5: Complete Verification

Follow the verification process outlined by Facebook to complete the process successfully. Once your Facebook BM Account eligible for verification, follow the steps provided in “How to Verify Meta Business Suite Account?

Complete Verification

By following these steps, you can transform your ineligible Business Manager Account into an eligible one for verification, improving your business’s credibility on Facebook.

Last Words:

In summary, understanding how to make your “Facebook BM account eligible for verification” is important for showing customers that your online business is real and trustworthy on Facebook. By following the steps, you can activate the verification button and enjoy extra benefits on the platform. It’s a simple but important process that can make a big difference for your business online. So, take the time to get your facebook business manager account eligible for verification and watch your Facebook presence grow!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I activate the verification button on my Meta Business Manager account?

You can activate the verification button by creating a new app on the Meta Developer site and starting the verification process from the Business Manager settings.

How long does it take to complete the verification process after starting it?

The verification process duration may vary, but making your BMC eligible for verification using this method is an instant process.

What are the benefits of having a verified BMC on Facebook?

A verified BMC adds credibility to your business, establishes trust, and unlocks additional features and benefits within the Facebook platform.

Are there any fees associated with activating verification for my BMC?

As of now, there are no fees associated with the verification process for a Meta Business Manager account.

What steps are involved in making my BMC eligible for verification?

The key steps include creating a new app, specifying its purpose, naming the app, and then starting the verification process through the app settings.

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