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Facebook Picture Size | What Size Is a Picture On Facebook? Facebook Dimensions | Complete Guide

Facebook Picture Size:

Wondering about the right Facebook picture size, especially for your profile and cover photos, events, and stories? Your profile pic should be a max of 2048×2048 pixels. For cover photos, go with 820×312 pixels (or 640×360 on phones). Group covers should be 1640×856 pixels. Event headers? Aim for 1920×1080 pixels. Stories should be 1080×1920 pixels, with easy ratios like 9:16 to 1.91:1. Stick to jpg or png formats for smooth sharing. Easy sizes, clear pics, and happy posting!

1. What is The Best Pixel Size For a Facebook Profile Picture?

Best profile image size displays on computer and mobile screens have little variation. This info will clearly describe all the profile image sizes.

  1. The size displayed on the computer screen is 176×176.
  2. For Smartphones display size is 196×196 pixels.
  3. For Feature phones, the display size is 36 x 36 pixels.
Facebook Profile Image Size

Your Facebook profile image is the face of your page, representing your identity on the platform. 

The maximum size of a Facebook profile picture is 2048×2048 pixels.


  1. Remember that your profile picture will be cropped to a circle, so design with this shape in mind. 
  2. For a sharp and consistent look on your profile picture, go for PNG files with logos or text. It keeps things clean and clear across different devices. Choose PNG for a pro touch.

2. What is The Perfect And Standard Size For a Facebook Cover Photo?

The perfect size and Standard size for a Facebook cover image is 820×312 pixels, and it is 640×360 pixels on mobile devices. Use your Facebook cover image to showcase creativity and reflect your brand.

Follow these tips to maximize its impact.

Dimensions for Facebook Cover Photo

What is The Minimum Size of a Facebook Cover Photo?

The minimum size of a Facebook cover photo should be at least 400 x 150 pixels. For faster loading times, use an sRGB JPG file that’s 851×315 pixels and less than 100 kilobytes.


Keep in mind that your profile picture may partially cover the left side of your cover photo, so plan your design accordingly.

What is The Size of a Facebook Group Cover Photo?

The standard size for the Facebook group cover photo is 1640×856 pixels, and the aspect ratio size is 1.91:1. It is necessary to use these dimensions to prevent any cropping that might lead to the loss of some parts of the photo. 

What is The Aspect Ratio Size of a Facebook Cover Photo?

The aspect ratio size of a Facebook cover image is 16:9, and 100 kilobytes in size file format you will use is PNG files.

The Facebook cover image is displayed differently on desktops and mobile phones, so you will have to keep in mind while creating the cover image that your important information is in the safe zone and should not be cropped.

3. What is Facebook Share Image Size?

  1. The standard Facebook feed post size is 1200×630 pixels. 
  2. Maximum width in the news feed: 470 pixels.
  3. Aspect ratio: Scales to a maximum of 1:1.
  4. Appearance on Facebook pages: Maximum width of 504 pixels.
Facebook share image size

Visual Content Ideas:

  1. Use bright pictures to catch people’s eye.
  2. Use pictures that fit your content to connect with your audience.
  3. Make your brand easily recognized by adding small brand details.

How to Increase Engagement on Facebook 2024?

  1. Write interesting captions to explain and connect.
  2. Post when your audience is most active for more views.
  3. Use helpful hashtags to reach more people.
  4. Get likes, comments, or shares by asking for them.

What is Facebook Mobile Optimization?

  1. Mobile-Friendly: Optimize images for small screens.
  2. Clear Text: Keep text easy to read on mobile for impact.

By implementing these strategies, you can increase the effectiveness of your shared images on Facebook, standing out in the competitive landscape and growing your audience without paid promotions.

4. Facebook Event Header Image Size:

The standard Facebook event header photo size is 1920×1080 pixels. 

When creating Facebook event photos, use the right sizes for the best display. Here are the current recommendations.

  1. Recommended Size: 1920 x 1005 pixels (16:9 ratio).
  2. Minimum Dimensions: 470 × 174 pixels.
Facebook event header image size

To maintain clarity and prevent cropping, center the most essential elements of your event photo, especially text details. 

What is the best aspect ratio for a Facebook event photo?

The recommended size of a 16:9 ratio image is advised to achieve a clear and visually pleasing result consistently.

Where Does Your Facebook Event Image Appear?

Facebook has improved its event photo display over the years, and now it has three primary locations:

  1. Grab attention with your Facebook event picture. Choose one that looks good as a small thumbnail and in full size.
  2. The event page is where all the important details and updates are. Your event photo is super important to make it interesting and informative.
  3. Your event pics in the Newsfeed are like the ones on the event page. Keeping them the same size makes everything look smooth and professional in everyone’s feeds.

By focusing on these size guidelines and strategically placing key elements within your event photo, you can improve the visibility and impact of your Facebook events and promote greater engagement and attendance.

5. What is the size of a Facebook story?

  1. The standard size for a Facebook story is 1080×1920 pixels.
  2. Aspect Ratios: Use ratios from 9:16 to 1.91:1 for flexible visuals.
  3. Maximum File size is 30MB.
  4. Stick to jpg and png for compatibility.
size of a Facebook story

What is the size of the messenger story on Facebook?

Messenger Stories works with Facebook Feed. It’s not available on its own. Like Facebook Feed, Messenger Stories have specific image rules.

  1. Aspect Ratios: Use ratios from 9:16 to 1.91:1 for flexible visuals.
  2. Maximum File size is 30MB.
  3. Stick to jpg and png for compatibility.

Follow these guidelines for better ads on Facebook Feed and Messenger Stories. Stick to the ratios and durations for seamless, attention-grabbing content.


Keep in mind using both Facebook Feed and Messenger Stories gives you a complete way to connect with your audience, offering an exciting advertising experience.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Size of a Facebook Profile Image?

The best size is 360 by 360 pixels. You can’t upload a picture smaller than 180 by 180 pixels. The largest Facebook will save is 2048 by 2048 pixels, but it’s better to use a bigger image with 720 by 720 pixels and a 1:1 ratio.

What size should pictures be for Facebook ads?

For the best results in 2024, use images that are at least 1080 by 1080 pixels. It’s a good idea to go for the highest resolution that fits the ratio rules because there’s no limit on how detailed it can be. The recommended shape for Facebook ad pictures is 1:1, but they can also be in ratios from 1.91:1 to 4:5, although they might be cut to the 1:1 shape.

What’s the regular size shape for photos?

Many photographers like using the 3:2 ratio when taking pictures, and that’s a common shape based on the 35mm film standard.

Why can’t I change things in my Facebook event?

There are some things you can’t edit. If it’s something you really need to change, you have to cancel your event and create it again. You can adjust the date and time, though, up to a couple of days before the event.

What’s a Facebook event?

A Facebook event is like a special page you make for a specific happening. You can invite people publicly or privately. For online businesses, events are a good way to tell folks about sales, parties, or important moments.

What’s the right size for Instagram Stories?

It’s best to use 1080 by 1920 pixels. This size makes your pictures and videos look good with a shape of 9:16. Just make sure the width is at least 500 pixels.

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